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Q - Can I drop off or ship my computer donation to Computer Smiles?

A -  Yes! We have a drop or/ship to location  Click here for details  Message us for other options!     

Q - What kind of computers do you accept?

A -  Gently used desktops, laptops, business workstations.

Q - How old of a computer do you accept?

A - We prefer computers that are less than nine years old.

Q - What brand of computers do you accept?

A - Any desktop or laptop computer that runs Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.       

Q - Do you accept the complete setup or just the computer?

A - We accept computer towers by themselves or with flat panel monitors,                             keyboards, and mouse. We always need decent size monitors.

Q - How do I donate my computer?

A - Email us at, send us a message

     on Facebook, or visit the Contact Us tab.

Q - Do you pick up donated computers?

A - Yes. We will gladly pick up any donated computers from the surrounding                          South Jersey area

Q - Is it safe to donate my computer? What about my personal data?

A - The first thing we do with donated computers is wipe the hard drive.

      We use a commercial wipe program that destroys all of the data on your hard drive.

Q - Is my computer or cash donation tax deductible?

A - Yes. Whatever you donate is tax deductible because we are an registered 501(c)(3)

      nonprofit corporation.


Q - I know somebody who needs a computer. Can I request one?

A - Yes. If you have someone you recommend receive a computer, you can make a               request by emailing us at, sending us a message             on Facebook, or visiting the Contact Us tab. We will review any and all requests.               Computer supplies may be limited. We prioritize students who are most in need and         whose lives would benefit the most from having a computer.


We prioritize students who are most in need and whose lives would benefit the most from having a computer. If you’re a teacher and you have students in your classroom who have scholastic abilities but who don’t have access to a computer at home, Computer Smiles can help! Contact Us to put in a request. We will provide information on getting low cost Internet service in the student’s home and will provide a free computer for the student. In addition, we guarantee that the computer will work properly through the child’s high school graduation. If the computer breaks down before then, we repair or replace the computer for free.


For more information Read, Print & share 
these helpful PDF instructions below.



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